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The Lydgate Graves, Eyam - Plague Village - Derbyshire

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The Riley Graves are located just outside Eyam village....

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Mompessons Well - Eyam Village - Derbyshire

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Eyam Church

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Eyam Hall

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Eyam Plague Village - Derbyshire

Eyam is a village in Derbyshire famous for it's plague story

This website aims to provide information about Eyam, and guides to the village of Eyam, as well as the story of the plague that made the village of Eyam famous.

Whilst you may know about the Eyam plague you might not know just what a thriving village Eyam actually is.

So with this in mind we invite you to take a look around the site and learn all about Eyam, the village, and of course the story of the Eyam plague.

If you're planning a visit to the village of Eyam then we have all the information you would need to get the most out of your visit to the plague village

And if you're studying Eyam maybe as part of your school, college or history project work then we have information here on the site for you too. 

Eyam Plague Village