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The Lydgate Graves, Eyam - Plague Village - Derbyshire

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The Riley Graves are located just outside Eyam village....

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Mompessons Well - Eyam Village - Derbyshire

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Eyam Church

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Eyam Hall

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Eyam Museum

Eyam Museum stands proudly on the hillside just on the outskirts of Eyam Village centre

If you're visiting Eyam then you must spend some time visiting the Eyam Museum and learn all about how the plague affected village life, how the family and friends of the victims coped, and how the decision was made to cut the village off from the outside world and make the ultimate sacrifice for the good of others.





Eyam Museum was inspired originally by Clarence Daniel, who had lived in the village of Eyam all his life. Clarence was a collector of archaological material and also had a collection of documents related to the village. Originally he showed these to visitiors in a small museum of his own in how own home, and tried repeatedly to set up a public museum in Eyam. Sadly he passed away in 1987 before his dream could be realised.

It was decided upon his death that his collection should become the Eyam Museum and a group of enthusiasts set about forming Eyam Museum Ltd.



Eyam Plague Village